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All services are customized specifically to your body. Each therapy includes aromatherapy to induce relaxation, hot towels, and an invigorating scalp ​massage!

Nydiari Therapies

Signature Massage

This service consists of various modalities such as relaxing Swedish techniques, limited deep tissue on area of choice, and therapeutic stretches that will help increase range of motion​. 

60 min $50.00

90 min $80.00

Restorative Deep 

Tissue Massage

Deep tissue techniques and resisted stretches are merged together to provide utmost muscle recovery and pain alleviation. This massage consists of medium to deep pressures throughout the body.

60 min - $60.00

90 min - $90.00

Cater To Mommy 


Mommies-to-be indulge in this prenatal massage that promotes relaxation and reduces muscular tension. This massage consists of light-medium pressure throughout the body.

60 min - $50.00

Nirvana Retreat


Indulge in this full body elite relaxation massage for 2 hours and experience pure bliss! This therapy includes facial cupping, hot stones on area of preference, and one add on of choice. This package is the ultimate pampering service!

120 min - $130.00

Detox Your Mind


This scalp, neck, and shoulders massage will have you in cloud nine! Experience immediate relief from daily stresses and soothe your mind. This massage includes (optional) cupping on the face and neck, but no worries, this cupping technique does NOT leave marks.

30 min - $25.00

Express Therapeutic


If you do not need a full session, this service is perfect for you! Experience immediate alleviation with this therapeutic massage that focuses on a specific tension area. 

30 min - $30.00

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